We couldn't hold our feet still this year and spontaneously decided to record a little EP on our own. It contains 5 cover versions of songs we rearranged in our own way.
The record will be available from now on, on 10"-Vinyl, download or stream. You can go here to order it: GHvC-shop

To give you an impression of what we've been doing on this record, we filmed this little video for the first song of the EP.
Have fun!



We'll be heading back to where we belong to: the street. Well, the stage, to be precise.
We are very happy to start this year with a little journey around Germany with a surprise in our bags. Yes, I know, everyone says that, but we really do.
Come visit us here!

Love from us and the zebrawolfsheep.



We've had such a good time last year visiting all these exciting and beautiful countries. We are currently working on new songs and ideas to keep on keeping on in 2016.

We can't wait to come back to all of you.

yours TATADs.

old news

autumn tour 2015

Finally! We are going on tour again!
This time are going to break our personal record - we haven't played that many shows in that many countries before.
We can't wait to come to our beloved Sweden again - everyone is so exited.
Even our sheep at home went wild.

See the dates here or watch the sheep:


New Live Video

Here's a new live video filmed at our show at Gruenspan in Hamburg one month ago.
A beautiful piece of work by Jacob Hohf (cut), Christoph Niemeier (mix) and Christoph Klipp, Liv Thamsen & Sebastian Jung (cameras).

We are very proud to present this to you:

...and here the same song in an acoustic version for the ROLLING STONE SESSIONS.
Thanks a lot to Andreas Hornoff, who filmed and cut the whole thing so beautifully:



For our show at the Gruenspan in Hamburg next week we got this wonderful poster designed by Moritz Stetter. It will be available at that evening at our merch table. We are so excited.

You should also visit Moritz' website, there's a lot of other beautiful stuff over there:


Nürnberg Brückenfestival for free
Mastholte Sonntag am See Festival TICKETS
Düsseldorf Acoustic Summer Festival TICKETS
Dresden The Sound of Bronkow Festival TICKETS
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Past concerts

Past concerts:

LÜBECK, Blauer Engel / KIEL, Prinz Willy / OSNABRÜCK, Kleine Freiheit / ESSEN, Zeche Carl / KÖLN, Luxor / HAMBURG, Knust / HALLE, Objekt 5 / ERFURT, Museumskeller / JENA, Café Wagner / SAARBRÜCKEN Garage / SCHEEßEL, Hurricane Festival / NEUHAUSEN OB ECK, Southside Festival / HANNOVER, Lux / BREMEN, Tower / HAMBURG, Makrele / LECK, Leckhus / SAARLOUIS, Emmes / BEVERUNGEN, Orange Blossom Special Festival / ESBJERG (DK), Huset / TONDER (DK), Hagges Music Pub / DUISBURG, Traumzeit Festival / ULM, Ulmer Zelt / FREIBURG, Zeltmusikfestival / WAGERSROTT, Enzo Festival / SEEBÜLL, Skandalös Festival / OLDENBURG, Freifeld Festival / EISENACH, Theater am Markt / HAMBURG, Reeperbahnfestival / POTSDAM, Waschhaus / DRESDEN, Beatpol / REGENSBURG, Alte Mälzerei / NÜRNBERG, Club Stereo / SOLOTHURN (CH), Kofmehl / ZÜRICH (CH), La Catrina / MÜNSTER, Gleis 22 / KIEL, Schaubude / FLENSBURG, Volksbad / MÜNCHEN, PULS-Festival / KÖLN, Stereo Wonderland / ELEND, Rocken am Brocken / HANNOVER, Fährmannsfest / SÜDERSTAPEL, Rock an der Eider / SCHNAITSEE, Kuahgartn Open Air / GRÄFENBERG, Open Mind Festival / MALMÖ (SWE), Far i Hatten / VÄXJO (SWE), Café de Luxe / GÖTEBORG (SWE), Jazzhuset / GÖTEBORG (SWE), Frippe & Frida / AVESTA (SWE), King's Arms / STOCKHOLM (SWE), S:ta Clara Bierhaus / STOCKHOLM (SWE), Twang Sessions / DRESDEN, Societaetstheater / DORTMUND, Visions Westend Festival / WEIßENHÄUSER STRAND, Rolling Stone Weekender / HAMBURG, Nachtasyl / BERLIN, BiNuu / HAMBURG, Wutzrock Festival / HUSUM, Speicher


  • In our homeland the cows are black and white.
    You'll quickly know if you're staying or if you're coming back.
  • Together with our friend Jochen Hansen
    Sönke Torpus recorded the album "Five Leaves Left". (2009)
  • A first live band was formed with Melf Petersen
  • and Ove Thomsen.
  • In various constellations of friends joining the group,
    (Dancing Kids & Summers Laughter, 2010)
  • we were all over the place, travelling in our
    Volkswagen Tourbus across the land
  • in order to play.
  • With Felix Roll on the drums,
    with whom we've been making music since school days,
  • and Jenny Apelmo from Gothenburg on bass
  • we finally feel comfortable as the Art Directors. (2011)
  • When the wolf came jumping out of the bushes,
    we went to have some coffee with him
  • and then walked hand in hand.
  • And he who stops searching, never finds his way back home.


Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)

Mai 2016

Camera & Cut: Andreas Hornoff
Make-Up & Hands: Louise Faerber



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Album Cover

10"-Vinyl EP 05/2016

Being Discovered

Recorded by Torpus & The Art Directors at WattnSound Studio, Nordfriesland.
Mix & Mastering: Simon Frontzek
Released on Grand Hotel van Cleef


  1. Time To Pretend (MGMT)
  2. Big Jet Plane (Angus & Julia Stone)
  3. I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer (The Cardigans)
  4. Everybody's Changing (Keane)
  5. Johnny & Mary (Robert Palmer)

Album Cover

CD & LP 03/2015

The Dawn Chorus

recorded by Simon Frontzek at WattnSound Studio, North Frisia. Released on Grand Hotel van Cleef


  1. In Hushed Tones
  2. Dawn Song
  3. Water
  4. From Holding Your Hands
  5. Poem For A Friend
  6. I Can Decide That By Myself
  7. Don't Gather Roses
  8. Sleeping On The Back Burner
  9. Bright Eyes
  10. Mirror Mirror
  11. Two Hearts
  12. Love It As It Comes
  13. Roll It Up Again

Album Cover

CD & LP 10/2012

From Lost Home to Hope

recorded by Simon Frontzek in Berlin, released on Grand Hotel van Cleef


  1. The Leaving
  2. Dancing Kids & Summers Laughter
  3. Known, Seen, Judged
  4. Steps
  5. Known Seen Judged Part II
  6. Howl
  7. Fall in Love
  8. From Lost Hope to Home
  9. It All Falls Together
  10. Secret
  11. Modesty / Honesty
  12. Black Harp Girl

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Album Cover

CD 12/2010

Dancing Kids & Summers Laughter

recorded by Jochen Hansen at WattnSound Studio, North Frisia

  1. On the Roundabout
  2. I want it Back
  3. I will always take you for a Ride
  4. Fly Back Home
  5. Louisa
  6. Bring you Home

Album Cover

CD 02/2010

Five Leaves Left

recorded by Jochen Hansen at WattnSound Studio, North Frisia

  1. Better
  2. When I left my Appartment
  3. The Kitchen Floor
  4. If I Should
  5. In the Weather
  6. Children in the Neighbourhood
  7. Watch the Show
  8. In the Jam
  9. Amanda
  10. Bottles full of Life
  11. Lost & Found
  12. The Story's all the Same
  13. Who said it's over?

Album Cover

Tour-EP 03/2012

La Vie Est Belle

recorded for the pre-production of our album "From Lost Home to Hope"

  1. Known, Seen, Judged II
  2. Howl
  3. Fall in Love
  4. Steps
  5. Known, Seen, Judged III


Booking Sweden:



Photo 1,2,10,11,12 & 13 by Eugen Heimböckel.
Photo 6 & 9 by Uli Maier
Photo 5 by Bente Schmidt

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